7 Faucet Finishes For Fabulous Bathrooms


The faucets, which are installed in a new bathroom space, can really create or destroy the entire project, as confirmed by professional faucets. While fitting a faucet could be a simple do-it-yourself repair that any homeowner can handle, choosing the perfect surface can be a little more difficult, which is why this guide was taken care of to highlight the pros and cons of a certain number of different styles of faucet designs.

The positioning of fittings, a wider design for the bathroom and the quality-price ratio are factors to consider when choosing a suitable faucet finish. Now that there are so many options, it makes sense to consider them all, but more than just aesthetics. Of course, this will be an important factor, but functionality, longevity and ease of maintenance must also be considered. Fortunately, this manual has been designed to do all the hard work of the fabulous selection of faucets!

Patina faucet ends.

We start with an unusual but absolutely beautiful and elegant faucet finish that should be absolutely considered for any bathroom that has a more ancient or antique look. While many people try to keep shiny, water-repellent faucets, their patina accessories are beautiful and interesting from day one, minimizing the need to clean and maintain them.

The surfaces of the bathroom fixtures are so often polished and polished that it is a refreshing change, not to mention choosing something ancient and traditional. The best part is that these old-looking faucets can contrast so well with the products of the contemporary suite to create a very personal space.

Brushed nickel against chrome fittings.

For homeowners who love a polished finish of the water tap, but do not want to go all the pigs with the mirror polished chrome, the brushed nickel is a terrifying center. Create a bright and shining focal point that gives a little sparkling aesthetics to the design, but without any hesitation to stay on the trail of water, a brushed finish is a great way to overcome the line between contemporary and traditional style and fits perfectly to any style faucet.

From modern wall taps to more traditional installations, a brushed nickel finish looks wonderful and will not show all the little scratches that will cause the chrome.

Polished nickel against chrome fittings.

If you want a polished finish for a bathroom, the nickel-plated and polished chrome-plated fittings are sure to make a comparison. At first glance, there seems to be little difference, since both plating styles can achieve a perfectly mirrored appearance, but an intrinsic tonal variation must be considered.

Nickel tends to have a warmer and deeper base, making it a luxury finish that puts the warmth you need in a cool room. On the other hand, Chrome is fresher and fresher and creates a more contemporary design, so the decision is based on personal preference. Both types of coating are equally resistant to corrosion, but nickel tends to be a bit more expensive, so this is another element that needs to be considered.

Positioning can dictate the ends of the tap.

Before moving on to some of the more unusual design options for taps, let’s take a moment to remind you that the way a faucet is mounted has a direct impact on the most appropriate styles. Basin faucets are one thing as they usually do not intrude, but for self-supporting bathtubs that have floor taps, cleaning and longevity are becoming key issues.

Of course, the faucets for bathtub and sink must be coordinated. Therefore, it is important to choose the right finish that resists accidental bumps and scratches. For this reason, a brushed or coated aesthetic is very popular. Mirror-polished faucets can become very dirty when connected to a floor and have to be galvanized much earlier, so you can think about it.

Stainless steel tap end.

For an industrial look with a touch of glamor, without all the hassles of constant cleaning, stainless steel faucets are a fantastic choice. They give the bathrooms the elegant and modern look that so many people want, but have the advantage of being particularly convenient since stainless steel is not considered a particularly fashionable material. It can also be one.

It should be noted that copper can be affected by water (think copper roofs that turn green!). Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance is essential. If you choose a glossy finish, you do not need to use abrasive cleaners. The brushed copper faucets give the bathroom a charming and antique look, making it ideal for rustic spaces or those in older buildings.

The golden cock ends.

Finally, take a look at what is perhaps the most luxurious fitting available on the market today. Gold with crystal accents! We know that this look will not be for everyone, but in the bathroom, the golden faucets harmonize beautifully and give them an undeniable eye-catcher. It goes without saying that it is a finish that must be carefully cared for in terms of cleaning and that special products must be used to avoid tarnishing the tan.

It is truly surprising to see how many different fixtures to choose from, but once the aesthetics of the bathroom is decided, choosing the most elegant fixtures to complete the look should be a simple task. [aam]

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