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Pick-up: admission, taxation and insurance

Pick-up: admission, taxation and insurance

The VW Amarok is the best-selling pick-up in Germany and has a factory-approved truck. However, anyone who hopes for a favorable taxation rating as a lorry in car taxation is unlucky: the Amarok is regarded by almost all tax authorities as a car – and taxed accordingly higher. Are there considerations to offer the Amarok ex works also with car approval? “No, that’s not planned, because for the classification as a car, a completely new type test would be necessary,” says VW Commercial Vehicles Product Manager Jens Bobsien.
The product manager emphasizes that every tax office in Germany can assess a vehicle differently. And the vehicle, which is taxed as a truck in one federal state, is possibly valid for the tax office in another federal state as a passenger car. Concrete statements, which vehicles are taxed like, are therefore not possible.

For many tax authorities, the rule of thumb for taxation as a truck is: “Loading area must be larger than passenger compartment”. The passenger compartment is measured from the gas pedal to the partition behind the last row of seats. Since the area is larger than the loading area especially for double cabins, the higher car tax rate is due. Other typical car characteristics can also be classified as cars: with a top speed of often more than 170 km / h and five seats, it’s hard to talk about a truck. Nevertheless, it is always argued in court, after all, can be saved with the truck taxation per year several hundred euros.

Pick-up with truck registration: insurance premiums versus vehicle taxes

But beware: The tax savings can easily go for higher insurance contributions. Most insurance companies calculate a significantly higher hull coverage for the first registration of a truck than for a passenger car. The reason: who insures a truck for the first time increases with very high percentages – the non-pecuniary discount from the previous car is usually not taken over here. If you then change back to a car after a few years, you may start the car again with the percent from the beginning. Therefore, it is essential to clarify the formalities with the insurance company and have the confirmation sent in writing!

Also the description of a car on truck approval raises questions again and again. Often, a van, van or other suitable vehicle is to be converted from a car to a truck. When asked about the tax office Erfurt states that for the cheaper truck taxation, the rear row of seats including mounting rails must be removed, this includes the removal of the straps. Also required is a partition wall between the passenger compartment and the loading area. A bleaching or darkening of the discs is – at least in Erfurt – no longer necessary.

Commercial pick-up with trailer: driving ban on Sundays and public holidays

Before the conversion, a cost-benefit calculation should be created. When will the tax savings of a truck approval be worthwhile, if high conversion costs (dividing wall, etc.) and possibly an appraisal are necessary. Including in the calculation, you also have the much higher insurance premiums for the hull, when the vehicle runs as a truck. “Dekra therefore recommends consulting the responsible test center as well as the tax office and the insurance company even before a so-called vehicle type change that leads to the expiry of the operating permit of the specific vehicle,” says Dekra expert Wolfgang Sigloch.

It must also be noted that you are not allowed to tow trailers commercially on Sundays and public holidays. The transport of the minibagger to the next construction site is therefore taboo. Excluded from this rule are leisure trailers for private use, such as boat and camping trailers.


Pickup Trucks – Registration, Taxation and Insurance

Pickup Trucks – Registration, Taxation and Insurance

Is a pickup truck a truck or a car?

This question is not so easy to answer in Germany. After all, what a truck is for the registration office can certainly be a car for the German tax court. That’s just German bureaucracy.
Pickup TruckAn example: Among the best-selling pickups in this country is the VW Amarok, which ex works has a truck approval. Thus one should assume as an owner that one receives also with the motor vehicle tax the favorable classification as a truck – but that is often not so: Many authorities consider the Amarok as a passenger car.

The fact is that the tax recognition of the classification as a truck is in the decision of the relevant customs administration and there may well be different assessments. Therefore, concrete statements as to which vehicles are taxed are impossible.

Whether or not a car has the approval criteria for a truck depends, among other things, on the size of the loading area and the legally permissible load on the vehicle. These features give already rough information about whether the vehicle is more suitable for the transport of goods or passengers.

Rule of thumb for taxation as a truck

Loading area must be larger than the passenger compartment. Here, the passenger compartment is measured from the gas pedal to the partition wall behind the last row of seats. Often, pickups with double cabins have a smaller cargo area and are thus managed as a car. In addition, these models are more likely to assume that it is not people who are primarily transported but people who are transported from A to B. However, other characteristics typical of passenger cars can also be considered as passenger cars, such as: when the maximum speed is more than 170 km / h and there are five seats. Even the external appearance can be a criterion. Nonetheless, many of these cases end up in court, with truck taxation saving several hundred dollars a year.

Pickup trucks with truck registration – insurance vs. taxes

Owners of a pickup should also make sure that the amount of tax saved (in the case of a truck registration) can often go up for higher insurance premiums. The reason for this is that many insurance companies estimate higher collision contributions for the first registration of a truck (high entry-level percentages). Often the car damage free discounts are not taken over here. Even with a later change – back to cars – it can happen that you start with the percent back to the top.
Tip: Be sure to first contact the insurance and clarify these points (best in writing to confirm).

Does pickup trucks with truck registration have the ban on Sundays and public holidays?

No, the driving ban on Sundays and public holidays predominantly counts for trucks with a gross vehicle weight of more than 7.5 tons and trucks with a trailer (here the total weight is not relevant).
Although this means that commercial Pickup Trucks with trailer are also affected, but except for this rule are various leisure trailers for private use, such as boat and camping trailer.

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Mercedes Six Wheel Suv

Mercedes Six Wheel Suv

Despite some very difficult markets, Daimler Trucks continued to grow in 2015, increasing its annual sales to over 500,000 trucks on the basis of the first data from December. In 2014, Daimler Trucks sold 495,700 Mercedes-Benz, FUSO, Freightliner, Western Star, Thomas Built Buses and BharatBenz vehicles worldwide. The final sales figures for 2015 will be presented at the Annual Press Conference of Daimler on 4 February 2016.

The world’s leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles achieved its goals in a very heterogeneous and challenging environment. While the truck markets in North America and Europe grew significantly over the course of the year, the important markets of Brazil and Indonesia collapsed. In Turkey too, the market has been declining in recent months due to political uncertainties. In November and December in particular, market conditions worsened significantly. Nevertheless, thanks to strong products and outstanding sales performance, we have succeeded in achieving the annual target.

Global growth was driven in particular by the NAFTA region. Thanks to its high market growth and strong product range, Daimler Trucks is well on the way to achieving record sales there. From January to November 2015, sales increased by 20 percent to 176,100 (2007: 147,200) trucks. Daimler Trucks thus further expanded its market leadership in the weight classes 6-8. The market share rose last to 39.1 (last year 37.3) percent. For the year 2016 it can be assumed that the North American truck market of classes 6-8 will be below the very high level of 2015.

A key reason for the market success of Daimler Trucks’ products in North America: Customers increasingly appreciate the advantages of the integrated powertrain from Daimler Trucks. It offers a perfectly matched combination of engine, transmission and axles, thus providing clear efficiency advantages. Daimler Trucks was thus the first manufacturer in the North American market. A key success factor is the automated DT12 transmission. It is enjoying great popularity in the USA: over 40 percent of the Freightliner Cascadia and the Western Star 5700 XE are now delivered with automatic transmissions – almost twice as many as in the previous year. In order to meet the growing demand in the region even faster than before, the local production of the DT12 transmission for the North American region started in Detroit in November. From 2018, medium-duty engines for the NAFTA market in Detroit will also be manufactured. Daimler is investing around 450 million euros in total.

Business in Western Europe picked up as the year progressed

Sales of Daimler Trucks also increased in Western Europe to 56,000 (previous year: 50,500) units in the first eleven months. The positive momentum increased noticeably in the course of the year. Mercedes-Benz maintained its market leadership in the medium and heavy segments with a share of 21.9 percent (previous year: 24.6 percent). Despite a weaker economic development and an uncertain political situation in the region, Turkey’s high sales volume of the previous year was exceeded by 20,400 (py 18,900) trucks. Among other things, pull-in effects prior to the entry into force of the EURO VI emission standard from 1.1.2016 contributed to this. However, momentum slowed over the course of the year – a trend that should continue in 2016 as well.

Market share in Brazil further expanded despite market weakness

In Latin America, sales of Daimler Trucks declined to 27,900 (last year 44,500) units in the first eleven months, mainly as a result of the dramatic market slump in Brazil. In Brazil, 15,200 (prior year: 31,300) vehicles were delivered by November. In an extremely difficult market environment, Daimler Trucks succeeded in increasing its market share in the medium and heavy segment in Brazil to 26.6 percent (last year 26.0 percent). Despite the current market weakness, Daimler Trucks is continuing to invest in order to sustainably increase local competitiveness. From 2014 to 2018, around 500 million euros will flow into tailor-made products, technologies and services as well as the modernization of the production network in Brazil. In October, Mercedes-Benz presented numerous new products in the market in Brazil. Among other things, the locally produced truck models Accelo, Atego, Axor and Actros were further optimized in terms of comfort, fuel consumption and total cost of ownership. The market situation in Brazil is not expected to pick up in 2016 either.

Different sales trends on the markets in Asia

The Asian markets developed differently in the past year. In Japan, the FUSO brand increased its sales by 4 percent to 41,600 (last year 39,900) vehicles. The market share in the Japanese total truck market continued to rise to 20.7% (last year 20.3%). In the strongly declining Indonesian market, sales dropped to 29,400 units (py 51,400 units). However, the market share in the Indonesian truck market as a whole was 48.2% (last year 47.2%) above the previous year’s level.

In India, Daimler Trucks increased deliveries by 29 percent to 12,500 (9,700 in the previous year) trucks. Since the start of sales in September 2012, more than 30,000 BharatBenz trucks have been delivered. BharatBenz also increased its market share in the segment of upper medium and heavy trucks to 7.1 (last year 5.9) percent, due to the introduction of new models. An important novelty this year was the heavy-duty truck BharatBenz 3143, which was specially designed for use in mining and on construction sites. The vehicles produced in India are also playing a key role, especially for the development of important growth markets in Asia and Africa. In 2015, Daimler Trucks began exporting to more than a dozen additional export markets for Chennai vehicles. Meanwhile, more than 20 markets are supplied from India. For 2016, it is planned to open up numerous other markets with the FUSO trucks specially tailored to the needs of these countries.

Expansion of global presence through six new regional centers

In order to fully exploit the growth opportunities in promising markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America, Daimler is positioning itself even closer to customers in these regions. In October, the first of six regional centers planned around the world was opened in Dubai. These focus entirely on sales and aftersales of Daimler commercial vehicles. In the first quarter of 2016, additional regional centers in Kenya will follow for Central Africa, in Pretoria (South Africa) for Southern Africa, and in Singapore for Southeast Asia. With these new regional centers, Daimler will be able to respond more effectively and more quickly to customer needs in these markets in the commercial vehicle business.

Technology Highlight 2015 – Highway Pilot enables semi-autonomous driving

In the area of ​​autonomous driving, Daimler Trucks again underpinned its pioneering role in 2015. For the Freightliner Inspiration Truck, Daimler Trucks in the US state of Nevada received the world’s first road approval for an autonomous truck in May 2015. Just five months later, Daimler Trucks started the test phase on public roads in Germany with the first autonomously operating standard truck. The truck is a standard Mercedes-Benz Actros, equipped with the intelligent system Highway Pilot for testing autonomous driving on public roads. The Highway Pilot enables semi-autonomous driving. This means that the system can control the truck on motorways itself – but the driver remains fully responsible, must be able to monitor traffic at all times and be able to intervene at any time. The highway pilot is therefore comparable to an autopilot, as is common in aircraft. The technology has been adapted for use on public roads. The smooth interaction of the components will continue to be extensively tested. For this purpose, the Highway Pilot has already completed about 20,000 kilometers on test tracks in Germany and the USA. A series maturity of the technology is conceivable by the end of the decade at the latest.

Mercedes Benz 6 Wheel Truck

Mercedes Benz 6 Wheel Truck

The new Mercedes Urban eTruck is based on a heavy three-axle distribution truck of the brand, but instead of an internal combustion engine it has an electrically driven rear axle with electric motors directly next to the wheel hubs. The new axle was derived from the E-axle of the Mercedes-BenzHere you can find matching products on! Citaro hybrid bus. The maximum output of this concept amounts to 125 kW, the maximum torque per electric motor is 500 Nm. In conjunction with the ratio, the torque on the wheel reaches 11,000 Nm. And although it is a heavy truck, the maximum range is up to 200 kilometers – modular packages with lithium-ion batteries with 212 kWh total capacity thank. With a charging power of 100 kW, the completely empty batteries are 100 percent full in two to three hours

The electric drive increases the weight of the truck by 1.7 tonnes. Since the European Commission supports an increase in the permissible gross weight for alternative-drive trucks by up to one ton, the actual weight disadvantage is only 700 kg. The Urban eTruck is designed as a fully electric truck with a gross vehicle weight of up to 26 tonnes for urban distribution traffic.

Small-batch test operation already in 2017

A few years ago, the combination of e-drive and truck was unthinkable. But since battery costs are expected to fall 60 percent between 1997 and 2025, with output rising by 250 percent over the same period, there will be an economic perspective over the next few years. In addition, in many cities – in international terms – future emission-free driving could insure compulsory value for money! become. Also for trucks. The market introduction of this technology is conceivable for Daimler at the beginning of the next decade. Noxch 2017, however, Daimler intends to begin testing with electric trucks. There are currently around 20 potential customers from the waste management, food and logistics industry from Germany and Europe. For the 18- and 25-ton trucks are to be built with refrigeration, as a dry box and as a flatbed vehicle. The vehicles will be left to the customer for use for a period of twelve months together with a special charger that takes into account the increased requirements of a truck and will be cared for by the Mercedes-Benz Trucks road test. During this time, data on usage profiles and areas of application are collected and the knowledge and expectations gained are compared. Daimler wants to be on the market with the series generation of the electric truck by 2020.

New Fuso eCanter

In addition, Mercedes complements its range of models to the Fuso CanterHere’s matching products on! E-Cell, which has been tested since 2014 in the fleet test for light trucks. Since April 2016, the city of Stuttgart and the parcel service provider Hermes have been testing five Fuso Canter E-Cells in Germany. In 2017 Daimler wants to draw a first test balance.

The range of the light truck of the 6-ton class amounts to approximately 100 kilometers, its battery packs come to a total capacity of 48 kWh. They are mounted to the left and right of the frame. The vehicle can be brought to 80 percent of the total power in just one hour by means of a quick charge. The electric motor has 110 kW and the maximum torque is 650 Nm. At the IAA, the electric Canter will then debut as Fuso eCanter – probably ready for series production.

For more information and tips about 6 Wheel Mercedes Truck  visit  Truck



Fresh pistachio green, autumn-strong Marsala red or tender peach orange? We’ll tell you how to find the perfect color combination for your wedding concept. Whether it’s seasonal, your motto or your favorite color – our handy download freebies will help you in the blink of an eye in choosing your perfect stationery, decoration and co. Combination and take the first step towards a dream wedding.

In addition, we’ll tell you how to make the most of your colors using our color wheel so they fit you, your location, and your concept perfectly.

So you will find the perfect colors for your wedding:

Step 1: Download the wedding color color chips and cut out all colors.

Step 2: Lay them next to each other in their color families. Decide together which colors you do not like.

Step 3: Set the colors you do not like aside. The remaining colors still remain together in their families.

Step 4: Now you choose a color that you like best and that does not have to be excluded by the circumstances (like the colors of the locations). Stick this color on a large piece of paper.

Step 5: Now you are looking for a second or third color that you like a lot and stick it back on a piece of paper.

Step 6: Now let’s play: take one of the colors you have selected and add more colors one after the other. For example: you have glued on a shamrock green. Now you add a color box from the red color series. If you like the combination, put her the not yet pasted color on a favorite place. Keep looking. Which color could fit? This is a particularly exciting puzzle game in which we are always surprised by the great combinations that arise.

Step 7: This step is also the hardest. Because now it’s time to make a decision! Which colors make the perfect combination for our wedding.

Step 8: Now arm yourself with a few felt or crayons and test your color combination. We have included outfit, floral and church scribbles in the template.

The color wheel

By looking at the color wheel you can find exciting color combinations.Take a look at our color circle and combine the colors that are exactly opposite. That is exciting and at the same time harmonious, right? Now take the pink and combine it with the brightest nuance of the green opposite, with it. That’s even nicer, right?

Colors that lie next to each other in the color wheel also create a wonderful harmony.

Color shades create harmony

You have a certain favorite color that you really want to use in your concept, but the festival room is dominated by a color that does not harmonize with it? Then try to tone down the sounds as far as you can. In our color wheel, we have let the colors to the outside by 25% mitigate.

Also, you do not have to use the same color values ​​everywhere. If, for example, the full tone of your favorite color can be perfectly used in traulocation, but the wall color is already very dominant in the location, here you are trying to combine a very soft tone of your favorite color.

Also, a strong color can sometimes be just too dominant. Imagine, you sweep a whole room in Rotorange. That can be quite intense. But if you cancel in a gradation, so an apricot, it will be pleasant.

Change the effect with color components

The effect of colors changes when you use the colors in different proportions. Thus, for example, a red-green color theme works directly Italian, if green, white and red have the same proportions (see color bars). Reduce her white and green, it looks more classic-bridal. With a large share of green it will be Christmas.

Use contrasts correctly

Achieving a harmonious overall picture with bold, high-contrast colors is easier if you include all traversing or other neutral shades. If, for example, fuchsia and white are used exclusively, the effect is far from being as elegant as a color scheme with fuchsia shades, which extend to pastel rose and are complemented with natural ivory shades.

Also, the color component plays a major role here again. Again we paint a room. This time in Fuchsia. Again, the sound is quite exhausting. Instead, you can only paint one wall in Fuchsia and the other in a Eierschalton. Then things look quite different. And if instead you only put pillows in Fuchsia on the sofa, you still have a great accent, but it does not dominate the room.

It does not work
For example, you chose a beautiful teal, but you can not find it as a flower? Then use this color in the accessories, such as for the tablecloth, the font of the stationery or complements a pretty band. Or you add that color as a tie for the boys. Sometimes that is enough to set an accent. Sometimes this is even nicer than really choosing all the elements in the lead color.

Summer Wedding Colors

Summer Wedding Colors


One of the most beautiful tasks for a bridal couple and above all the bride is the selection of colors and materials for the decoration concept. Thanks to Pinterest and other platforms, you can be inspired. But how should one decide? In this article we explain what the choice of colors says about you and what trends we see for 2015.


Symbol of purity and innocence, white is also closely linked with youth and perfection. White lovers seek excellence and enlightenment, but also simple elegance. White is a gorgeous color that marks a new beginning for those seeking peace and quiet.


A conservative choice, complements black almost every color, especially lighter shades. Dignified and mysterious, Black emphasizes sexiness and elegance with a modern twist. Black is classic, not trendy, plays around the modern bride. As an opulent choice, black is timelessly elegant.


A passionate, romantic choice, red is impulsive and outgoing. Red is the symbol of love and emotions. Whether it means joy, celebration, happiness and prosperity, red triggers a dramatic response from both sides of the emotional spectrum. Red lovers tend to be restless and optimistic and fit well with people with an uncomplicated nature. Red is certainly a fiery hostess with the flair “look at me”.


Rosa is the sweeter side of red, a softer, more girlish wah. As a subtle hue, Rosa shows understanding hearts that are full of love and care for others. The bride, surrounded by pink, has a maternal grace and compassion and a desire for shelter and shelter. The rosy hues also show a strong personality, one that is ready to share.


Spontaneous and daring – brides who choose orange stand firm in life and love the grand entrance. Since orange is a happy and trendy color, its lovers tend to be popular and have a high level of energy. From a bright and happy splash of color to an exotic, spicy note – brides who prefer orange tend to be fearless and curious, they are full of zest for life.


As the color of a sunny day, yellow shows happiness and hope. People of this color radiate warmth and vibrancy, usually possessing a great sense of humor, happy mood and optimistic values. They tend to have an intellectual, creative and idealistic future. Yellow stands for enlightenment and spirituality.


Green shades symbolize life, freshness, nature and fertility. As a common choice for eco-friendly brides, green shows that they value their health and the environment. A harmonized and balanced color that best suits in a warm yellow or cool blue set. A soothing and peaceful shade – brides who choose green are loving, honest and responsible. They want stability and balance, while remaining true to their principles.


Often associated with nobility and luxury, Lila is a passionate color. The choice purple symbolizes dignity, tolerance and value. Lovers of this color tend to be unconventional, attentive and especially multi-faceted personalities. Tolerant and witty, Purple pendants are chosen to reach important positions. From light lavender to purple accents that look charming, witty and sophisticated, to rich eggplant lovers who are creative and talented, Lila varies to be provocative or sweet.


Soothing, compassionate and cool, blue is the color of calm and royalty. Blue lovers are liberated, conservative and patient, they cultivate their emotional and wise side. Clear and cool hues indicate cautious partners who are loyal and desire a quiet and harmonious existence. From watery aqua to a deep midnight blue, blue can either be soft & sweet or strong & bold.


As a natural and neutral color of the earth, brown stands for wholesomeness and reliability. It symbolizes honesty as a symbol of comfort and contentment. Just the thing for a wedding day. From rich chocolate tones to dark coffee, cream or soft beige, these earthy hues can set dramatic or modest accents.

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Create Your Own Rock Garden and Enjoy Peace and Quiet

Create Your Own Rock Garden and Enjoy Peace and Quiet

Even if one should consider a lot when planting a rock garden, this is no problem for laymen. All you need is time and good planning. If you want to create a rock garden yourself, should first consider the location, the materials and the ornamental plant life.

Create rock garden yourself: the right materials

When choosing stones, it makes sense to limit yourself to one, a maximum of two types. Round stones should not be combined with edgy ones and bright stones are especially beautiful. The size of the stones is really limitless, but you can adjust them to the size of the whole garden. The bigger it is, the bigger the stones may be.

The choice of location: Slopes are optimal
Rock garden on a hillside: Here are stairs made of rubble

To get a good effect, the rock garden should not be too small. Plan at least 10 m² of space, preferably in the sun or partial shade. Rockeries are particularly good on hillsides. Of course, not every property is located on a slope, also landfills are possible. Would you like green vegetable oases between the stones? Rock garden plants are particularly dry-resistant and tolerate no waterlogging. Therefore, make sure that heavy soil is mixed with sand and drainage is used on flat land. To overcome differences in height on slopes are robust and colorful natural stones – such as quarry stones, which are each set about five inches vertically offset to the ground.

Optical elements: lay paths and stone lamps
Enhance rock garden with lamps and small plants visually

If you want to walk on paths through the rock garden, suitable gravel or stone gravel, but also wooden planks offer great contrasts! The garden looks particularly playful when a stream with round or flat river pebbles flows through it. Is the garden still too empty for you? Then you can decorate it with tree roots, small figures and stone lamps.

Plants between the stones: best in groups

For stones from dolomite, travertine and calcareous sandstone, choose the best limescale plants you will find in the retail trade. Basalt, sandstone and granite, however, are suitable for all plants. Make sure that at least one third of the plants are evergreen, as this will give you a nice plant even in winter. Their garden is especially natural when they choose larger groups of the same plants. At 10 m² limit yourself to three to four rock garden plants and combine them with flower bulbs and one or two dwarf shrubs. The plants should be color matched and not too big.

Step by step to the rock garden

1. If there is insufficient drainage, mix the soil with sand or drainage. Then let the soil settle and repeatedly fill it with water.

2. Distribute the stones and pay attention to a natural effect. Large stones dig up to one third. To assess the end effect, place the plants and flower pot between the stones, but do not plant them yet! The stones must also let you put something.

3. After a few days, carefully plant and water the plants.

4. Pour the plants several times in the next few weeks with a fine shower. Once properly grown, they only need to be cast in prolonged drought. Also fertilizers are not necessary. Now and then, just loosen the soil and remove weeds.

How To Design a Rock Garden

How To Design a Rock Garden

Create rock garden – step by step to success

When you plant and plant a rock garden, you get the flora of the Alps in your own garden. Domestic rock blends into the garden design particularly harmoniously. Creating a rock garden is particularly easy if you have just completed the house construction or renovation and renovation. Then rubble and rubble are automatically available to you to create the base for the rock garden. Of course, you can also at any time purchase coarse mineral concrete and the like in the building materials trade.

Step 1: Create rock garden – the planning

Make a drawing of your garden and insert where you would like to plant the rock garden. So you get a first impression and can plan the size of the alpine landscape exactly. If you want to know more about garden design, you can find more information in the guidebook garden plan. If you want to use an existing hill or the embankment of the terrace to realize the rock garden, the plan drawing for landscaping is superfluous. You can also create a rock garden as a raised bed.

Step 2: Create rock garden – prepare the ground

The typical plants in the rock garden are perfectly adapted to the living conditions in the alpine area. They get along with little nutrients and the water requirement is low. However, these plants tolerate no waterlogging. With a 20 to 25 cm thick layer of coarse debris, rubble or small stones you create the foundation and ensure a good drainage of rainwater. Distribute the rubble and stones evenly on the ground in your garden. For areas without slope, make sure that you have a 10 degree slope to prevent waterlogging in your yard.

Step 3: Create a rock garden – fleece cover

So that the garden soil to be applied later does not seep into the cracks of the drainage layer, in the next work step you will bring a fleece in the garden. The fine fabric allows the rainwater to drain quickly and holds back sand and earth. If you had to remove grass or lawn in your garden to create the rock garden, you can use the turf instead of fleece. With the turf down on the gravel layer, they act as a natural barrier of the rock garden.

Step 4: Create rock garden – create the terraces

Once you’ve laid the foundation for your rock garden, layer more boulders, rocks, and gravel to create the terraced structure of the rock garden. Larger stones at the edges of each layer provide support and provide the typical look of a rocky landscape. To do this, lift a pit in the gravel bed and insert the big stones. Fill gravel and sand into the spaces between the stones to stabilize the structure. With a stick you can condense the sand-gravel mixture between the stones properly.

Step 5: Create a rock garden – fill the earth

After their rock garden has reached its shape and height, the individual terraces must be filled with soil. Mix conventional garden soil with gravel and sand. So you get a low-energy mixture, which dries quickly after a rain. For the frugal plants in the rock garden, a 10 cm thick layer of soil is sufficient.

Step 6: Creating rock garden – Place weed fleece

So that root weed and flying seeds do not compete with the plants in the rock garden, you now lay out the individual terraces with a weed fleece. Cut the fleece to match the different areas in the garden and lay out all the beds of the rock garden.

Step 7: Creating rockery – planting plants

For the rock garden are particularly well suited plants that remain small. Annual perennials, cushions forming shrubs and small shrubs, which do not exceed a stature height of 30 cm, are ideal. Due to the climate in the alpine area typical rock garden plants bloom early in the year. Already in early summer, the splendor of colors in the rock garden is greatly reduced. When choosing planting, play with the colors and shapes of the leaves and the stature height to create an attractive image year-round. Various grasses and ferns (in shady areas) provide further variety. The typical plants in the rock garden include:

  • Alpine Aster
  • Blaukissen
  • Gänsekresse
  • thrift
  • amaranth
  • Stonecrop
  • Polsterphlox
  • saxifrage
  • Grape
  • Lemon thyme

Plant the individual plants in the pots on the weed fleece in the garden. Try different arrangements of planting until you are satisfied with the picture. When selecting the locations, also note how high and how wide the individual plants will grow in the future. Once all plants have found their future location, you can start planting in the soil. Cut the weed fleece crossways with a utility knife and lift a suitable pit in the garden by hand or with a flower trowel. Remove the pot of the plant and lightly loosen the root ball with your fingers. You can easily remove excess soil. Now insert the rock garden plants, fill edges with soil and lightly press the plants in the soil. The root ball should protrude to about a third of the soil.

Step 8: Creating a rock garden – casting

After planting all the plants, pour the entire rock garden vigorously with water. The otherwise frugal plants need a lot of moisture to form their first roots and grow into the ground.

Step 9: Create rock garden – cover

In the last step, cover the fleece with pebbles, coarse gravel or split. Carefully bring the stone layer up to the root crest of the individual rock garden plants – and you have already created a rock garden. Incidentally, it is just as easy to create and plant a path in the garden.

For more information and tips about Building a rock garden visit Garden Ideas

The Most Disregarded Fact About Affordable Tattoo Removal Uncovered

The Most Disregarded Fact About Affordable Tattoo Removal Uncovered

What You Don’t Know About Affordable Tattoo Removal

Removal could be impacted by way of an individual’s health or way of life. Newport Tattoo Removal provides a variety of payment choices to fit nearly any budget. Your tattoo removal is completed in a relaxing method. PicoSure tattoo removal is among our most well-known sorts of therapy for tattoo removal, and its own advantages incorporate a fast and simple procedure free of downtime or recovery period and remarkable outcomes. It does not need to hurt. Premium Tattoo Removal provides competitive pricing that’s much more reasonably priced than you believe.

The bigger The color contrast between the ink and skin, the simpler the removal is going to be, states Frank. At most clinics your tattoo removal isn’t performed under a physician’s care and also there might be hidden fee. Laser tattoo removal can be done on virtually every tattoo on any region of your body but is a slower process, as numerous treatments are often necessary. There are tons of wonderful things about laser tattoo removal, though there are a few bad things too. Nowadays, there are several sorts of laser tattoo removal in Melbourne.

Generally, removal can be accomplished in fewer or three treatments when compared with professional tattoos. Whichever sort of tattoo you have obtained, tattoo removal is usually pain-free. To find out when you’re a fantastic candidate for laser tattoo removal or to just learn more regarding the process, request an appointment.

Tattoo removal enables certain individuals to conquer a massive barrier to employment and as a consequence, change their lives for the better. Laser tattoo removal can be exceedingly painful, dependent on the region which you have the tattoo on. It is the only effective way to eliminate tattoos creams just don’t do the job.

The Basics of Affordable Tattoo Removal

No matter why folks get tattoos, many might like to get them eliminated earlier or later in their life. It is a good idea to take into account how your tattoo could be perceived by other individuals, as it may lead to some social disruption between friends, coworkers and relatives. In both instances, the minute the area heals, the tattoo could be eliminated, but scars are most likely to be left behind. Even two identically colored tattoos could be derived from quite different colours and kinds of inks.

Once it seems for others you do not own a tattoo you’re spending a whole lot of money purchasing make up to cover this up. Should you own a tattoo you don’t want and you’ve looked at laser removal, you are going to know how expensive it really is. Before you choose to receive a tattoo removed with laser removal, then you always should be sure you decide on a surgeon you can trust. Tattoos are a favourite type of body art which have been in existence for centuries. To be sure the ideal treatment, your tattoo or sunlight spot is going to be examined by means of a doctor that will indicate the proper laser settings.

You’re tattoo will nonetheless be there following your pregnancy. Tattoos have also been used for identification in different ways. While getting it might have looked like a good idea at the moment, perhaps today it simply doesn’t match your lifestyle. Black tattoos would be the simplest and therefore the cheapest to eliminate.

What Everybody Dislikes About 50 Cent Tattoos Removed and Why

What Everybody Dislikes About 50 Cent Tattoos Removed and Why

50 Cent Tattoos Removed – Dead or Alive?

Tattooing can be uncomfortable to excruciating dependent on the region and can end from the man fainting. Existing tattoos are needed to be coated with appropriate clothes. The absolute most contentious tattoos are those which folks get on their faces. 50 cent tattoos is called contemporary style. Once a crucial part of his image, 50 Cent’s tattoos have started to vanish. Obtaining permanent tattoos is an great choice. Decal (press-on) temporary tattoos are utilised to decorate any portion of the human body.

Body art is becoming an attachment to lots of like teacup puppies and pricey purses. The tattoo artist needs to wash their hands and has to wash the place which will be tattooed. There are rap artists and hip hop singers around the globe seeking to reduce albums on an extremely low budget.

The Debate Over 50 Cent Tattoos Removed

If you would like to understand when things began to go South to get 50, seem no longer. 50 makes the choice to go after Spyder. It’s critical to make certain you get 100% of the desired values of the numerous healthyfoods youopt for.

You need to be ruthless concerning sticking to your own goal. When you’re conditioned for a single art form, you truly learn to appreciate the other, he clarified. The variety of stars with tattoos is increasing. At the exact same time that you can faintly make out a few of the lines, his tattoos are almost gone. ” Nevertheless an ever rising amount of individuals are so unhappy with their tattoos they are ready to pay anything to get them eliminated. You will find amount of people who want to safeguard their relatives from the probability of fire. When you enroll free, you are also able to post coupon codes and coupons.

There continue to be a couple of court cases we’re running there. There are several hard decisions to make whenever you’re obtaining a tattoo. How much manscaping you want to do is completely your pick. Because of the time-consuming program procedure, it’s a comparatively poor alternative for kids. The way to Use Liquid Diet In Order to shed Weight The very first step is to seek out guidance from your personal doctor to be able to determine what’s going to be proper to have on your diet program. The mixture of Ecko Unlimited and 50 Cent is reported to be comparable to this blend of Michael Jordan and Nike. Unfortunately, nearly all the product that promise tattoo removal do not meet their promises.

The price of obtaining a tattoo could be exceedingly high among social and health dangers. The price of renting out a panda is practically a million US dollars annually and the contract generally lasts for ten years. You obviously have more for your wealth. Obviously it is possible to spend on groceries by using coupons.

Sometimes, it can be required to do a liver biopsy to acquire tissue samples in the liver once the reason behind the liver disease isn’t apparent by usage of blood tests or X-rays. Much like any laser therapy, the procedure has to be tailored to the patient, which makes it hard to estimate cost. It has seemingly paid off. Tattoo removal through laser surgery is one of the fastest growing regions of the dermatology market. Laser therapy is famed for its powerful, secure and quick results. Indications of liver disease comprise another. Even though the damage might not be mended, the signs can be relieved and controlled.