Breathe a New Life to Your Dull Knife Using Wet Stone Knife Sharpener

Wet stone knife sharpener is the latest way to make your dull knife feels new again. You can also refer it as wet stone sharpener since you need to soak up the stone first in water for about 5 until 10 minutes. Other than the wet stone, there are also other prior kind of stones, such as oil stone and diamond stone. Each type obviously bears its own benefit.

In addition, you are free to choose which method and stone you want to use in order to achieve a specific knife characteristic that you favor. However, if you are using a Japanese knife, it is better to use the wet stone knife sharpener. Other stone will only make your knife become duller or even destroy it.

In fact, despite its reputation as a new device, the wet stone knife sharpener gains huge popularity due to its intriguing advantages. The water will help the materials that are grinded of slide away from the stone during the whetting process. The role of water as a lubricant makes the sharpening procedure run faster. This is the main advantage of using the water stone sharpener. On the other hand, fast cutting process tends to wear out the stone quicker than the other type of stone. The shape will be uneven and you need to flatten it.

As we know, a good wet stone sharpener can maintain your perfect knife for a long time if you use it with some careful steps. After you soak up the stone in the water, lay it down and remove the water left on the stone using a kitchen towel. At this moment, you will notice that there are two different sides of the whetstone. One side has the water move swiftly through the stone, while the other one doesn’t. Moreover, you can use the coursing side as the sharpening stone and the other as horning stone. The sharpening process begins by placing your knife on top of the course side at a 16º – 18 º angle.

Then, you can run the blade along the sharpening side with a slow but sure movement. Repeat this process for about 10-30 times according to how dull your knife is. After that, do the exact same thing to the horning side. Well, those are some tips you can do to get a perfect knife by using the wet stone knife sharpener. RFA

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