Create Your Own Rock Garden and Enjoy Peace and Quiet


Even if one should consider a lot when planting a rock garden, this is no problem for laymen. All you need is time and good planning. If you want to create a rock garden yourself, should first consider the location, the materials and the ornamental plant life.

Create rock garden yourself: the right materials

When choosing stones, it makes sense to limit yourself to one, a maximum of two types. Round stones should not be combined with edgy ones and bright stones are especially beautiful. The size of the stones is really limitless, but you can adjust them to the size of the whole garden. The bigger it is, the bigger the stones may be.

The choice of location: Slopes are optimal
Rock garden on a hillside: Here are stairs made of rubble

To get a good effect, the rock garden should not be too small. Plan at least 10 m² of space, preferably in the sun or partial shade. Rockeries are particularly good on hillsides. Of course, not every property is located on a slope, also landfills are possible. Would you like green vegetable oases between the stones? Rock garden plants are particularly dry-resistant and tolerate no waterlogging. Therefore, make sure that heavy soil is mixed with sand and drainage is used on flat land. To overcome differences in height on slopes are robust and colorful natural stones – such as quarry stones, which are each set about five inches vertically offset to the ground.

Optical elements: lay paths and stone lamps
Enhance rock garden with lamps and small plants visually

If you want to walk on paths through the rock garden, suitable gravel or stone gravel, but also wooden planks offer great contrasts! The garden looks particularly playful when a stream with round or flat river pebbles flows through it. Is the garden still too empty for you? Then you can decorate it with tree roots, small figures and stone lamps.

Plants between the stones: best in groups

For stones from dolomite, travertine and calcareous sandstone, choose the best limescale plants you will find in the retail trade. Basalt, sandstone and granite, however, are suitable for all plants. Make sure that at least one third of the plants are evergreen, as this will give you a nice plant even in winter. Their garden is especially natural when they choose larger groups of the same plants. At 10 m² limit yourself to three to four rock garden plants and combine them with flower bulbs and one or two dwarf shrubs. The plants should be color matched and not too big.

Step by step to the rock garden

1. If there is insufficient drainage, mix the soil with sand or drainage. Then let the soil settle and repeatedly fill it with water.

2. Distribute the stones and pay attention to a natural effect. Large stones dig up to one third. To assess the end effect, place the plants and flower pot between the stones, but do not plant them yet! The stones must also let you put something.

3. After a few days, carefully plant and water the plants.

4. Pour the plants several times in the next few weeks with a fine shower. Once properly grown, they only need to be cast in prolonged drought. Also fertilizers are not necessary. Now and then, just loosen the soil and remove weeds.

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