Fresh pistachio green, autumn-strong Marsala red or tender peach orange? We’ll tell you how to find the perfect color combination for your wedding concept. Whether it’s seasonal, your motto or your favorite color – our handy download freebies will help you in the blink of an eye in choosing your perfect stationery, decoration and co. Combination and take the first step towards a dream wedding.

In addition, we’ll tell you how to make the most of your colors using our color wheel so they fit you, your location, and your concept perfectly.

So you will find the perfect colors for your wedding:

Step 1: Download the wedding color color chips and cut out all colors.

Step 2: Lay them next to each other in their color families. Decide together which colors you do not like.

Step 3: Set the colors you do not like aside. The remaining colors still remain together in their families.

Step 4: Now you choose a color that you like best and that does not have to be excluded by the circumstances (like the colors of the locations). Stick this color on a large piece of paper.

Step 5: Now you are looking for a second or third color that you like a lot and stick it back on a piece of paper.

Step 6: Now let’s play: take one of the colors you have selected and add more colors one after the other. For example: you have glued on a shamrock green. Now you add a color box from the red color series. If you like the combination, put her the not yet pasted color on a favorite place. Keep looking. Which color could fit? This is a particularly exciting puzzle game in which we are always surprised by the great combinations that arise.

Step 7: This step is also the hardest. Because now it’s time to make a decision! Which colors make the perfect combination for our wedding.

Step 8: Now arm yourself with a few felt or crayons and test your color combination. We have included outfit, floral and church scribbles in the template.

The color wheel

By looking at the color wheel you can find exciting color combinations.Take a look at our color circle and combine the colors that are exactly opposite. That is exciting and at the same time harmonious, right? Now take the pink and combine it with the brightest nuance of the green opposite, with it. That’s even nicer, right?

Colors that lie next to each other in the color wheel also create a wonderful harmony.

Color shades create harmony

You have a certain favorite color that you really want to use in your concept, but the festival room is dominated by a color that does not harmonize with it? Then try to tone down the sounds as far as you can. In our color wheel, we have let the colors to the outside by 25% mitigate.

Also, you do not have to use the same color values ​​everywhere. If, for example, the full tone of your favorite color can be perfectly used in traulocation, but the wall color is already very dominant in the location, here you are trying to combine a very soft tone of your favorite color.

Also, a strong color can sometimes be just too dominant. Imagine, you sweep a whole room in Rotorange. That can be quite intense. But if you cancel in a gradation, so an apricot, it will be pleasant.

Change the effect with color components

The effect of colors changes when you use the colors in different proportions. Thus, for example, a red-green color theme works directly Italian, if green, white and red have the same proportions (see color bars). Reduce her white and green, it looks more classic-bridal. With a large share of green it will be Christmas.

Use contrasts correctly

Achieving a harmonious overall picture with bold, high-contrast colors is easier if you include all traversing or other neutral shades. If, for example, fuchsia and white are used exclusively, the effect is far from being as elegant as a color scheme with fuchsia shades, which extend to pastel rose and are complemented with natural ivory shades.

Also, the color component plays a major role here again. Again we paint a room. This time in Fuchsia. Again, the sound is quite exhausting. Instead, you can only paint one wall in Fuchsia and the other in a Eierschalton. Then things look quite different. And if instead you only put pillows in Fuchsia on the sofa, you still have a great accent, but it does not dominate the room.

It does not work
For example, you chose a beautiful teal, but you can not find it as a flower? Then use this color in the accessories, such as for the tablecloth, the font of the stationery or complements a pretty band. Or you add that color as a tie for the boys. Sometimes that is enough to set an accent. Sometimes this is even nicer than really choosing all the elements in the lead color.

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