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The new Mercedes Urban eTruck is based on a heavy three-axle distribution truck of the brand, but instead of an internal combustion engine it has an electrically driven rear axle with electric motors directly next to the wheel hubs. The new axle was derived from the E-axle of the Mercedes-BenzHere you can find matching products on! Citaro hybrid bus. The maximum output of this concept amounts to 125 kW, the maximum torque per electric motor is 500 Nm. In conjunction with the ratio, the torque on the wheel reaches 11,000 Nm. And although it is a heavy truck, the maximum range is up to 200 kilometers – modular packages with lithium-ion batteries with 212 kWh total capacity thank. With a charging power of 100 kW, the completely empty batteries are 100 percent full in two to three hours

The electric drive increases the weight of the truck by 1.7 tonnes. Since the European Commission supports an increase in the permissible gross weight for alternative-drive trucks by up to one ton, the actual weight disadvantage is only 700 kg. The Urban eTruck is designed as a fully electric truck with a gross vehicle weight of up to 26 tonnes for urban distribution traffic.

Small-batch test operation already in 2017

A few years ago, the combination of e-drive and truck was unthinkable. But since battery costs are expected to fall 60 percent between 1997 and 2025, with output rising by 250 percent over the same period, there will be an economic perspective over the next few years. In addition, in many cities – in international terms – future emission-free driving could insure compulsory value for money! become. Also for trucks. The market introduction of this technology is conceivable for Daimler at the beginning of the next decade. Noxch 2017, however, Daimler intends to begin testing with electric trucks. There are currently around 20 potential customers from the waste management, food and logistics industry from Germany and Europe. For the 18- and 25-ton trucks are to be built with refrigeration, as a dry box and as a flatbed vehicle. The vehicles will be left to the customer for use for a period of twelve months together with a special charger that takes into account the increased requirements of a truck and will be cared for by the Mercedes-Benz Trucks road test. During this time, data on usage profiles and areas of application are collected and the knowledge and expectations gained are compared. Daimler wants to be on the market with the series generation of the electric truck by 2020.

New Fuso eCanter

In addition, Mercedes complements its range of models to the Fuso CanterHere’s matching products on! E-Cell, which has been tested since 2014 in the fleet test for light trucks. Since April 2016, the city of Stuttgart and the parcel service provider Hermes have been testing five Fuso Canter E-Cells in Germany. In 2017 Daimler wants to draw a first test balance.

The range of the light truck of the 6-ton class amounts to approximately 100 kilometers, its battery packs come to a total capacity of 48 kWh. They are mounted to the left and right of the frame. The vehicle can be brought to 80 percent of the total power in just one hour by means of a quick charge. The electric motor has 110 kW and the maximum torque is 650 Nm. At the IAA, the electric Canter will then debut as Fuso eCanter – probably ready for series production.

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