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Is a pickup truck a truck or a car?

This question is not so easy to answer in Germany. After all, what a truck is for the registration office can certainly be a car for the German tax court. That’s just German bureaucracy.
Pickup TruckAn example: Among the best-selling pickups in this country is the VW Amarok, which ex works has a truck approval. Thus one should assume as an owner that one receives also with the motor vehicle tax the favorable classification as a truck – but that is often not so: Many authorities consider the Amarok as a passenger car.

The fact is that the tax recognition of the classification as a truck is in the decision of the relevant customs administration and there may well be different assessments. Therefore, concrete statements as to which vehicles are taxed are impossible.

Whether or not a car has the approval criteria for a truck depends, among other things, on the size of the loading area and the legally permissible load on the vehicle. These features give already rough information about whether the vehicle is more suitable for the transport of goods or passengers.

Rule of thumb for taxation as a truck

Loading area must be larger than the passenger compartment. Here, the passenger compartment is measured from the gas pedal to the partition wall behind the last row of seats. Often, pickups with double cabins have a smaller cargo area and are thus managed as a car. In addition, these models are more likely to assume that it is not people who are primarily transported but people who are transported from A to B. However, other characteristics typical of passenger cars can also be considered as passenger cars, such as: when the maximum speed is more than 170 km / h and there are five seats. Even the external appearance can be a criterion. Nonetheless, many of these cases end up in court, with truck taxation saving several hundred dollars a year.

Pickup trucks with truck registration – insurance vs. taxes

Owners of a pickup should also make sure that the amount of tax saved (in the case of a truck registration) can often go up for higher insurance premiums. The reason for this is that many insurance companies estimate higher collision contributions for the first registration of a truck (high entry-level percentages). Often the car damage free discounts are not taken over here. Even with a later change – back to cars – it can happen that you start with the percent back to the top.
Tip: Be sure to first contact the insurance and clarify these points (best in writing to confirm).

Does pickup trucks with truck registration have the ban on Sundays and public holidays?

No, the driving ban on Sundays and public holidays predominantly counts for trucks with a gross vehicle weight of more than 7.5 tons and trucks with a trailer (here the total weight is not relevant).
Although this means that commercial Pickup Trucks with trailer are also affected, but except for this rule are various leisure trailers for private use, such as boat and camping trailer.

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