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In these days of work in the big cities, it is not an easy task. Especially looking for work in the capital, like Jakarta. But, of course, people still need to work to survive. Hard to find work does not mean we have to give up and sit there. We offer a breakthrough with entrepreneurship.

The difficulty of finding a job is not an obstacle. We invite you to cooperate in the sale of wooden cars to the prospect of selling cheap wooden carts

We are ready to provide cheap groceries that you can resell in Jakarta. The way it works is very simple. You are ready to work with us to become a service provider by marketing inexpensive wooden cart products. While we will provide cheap wooden cars that you want to sell again. We double the price relatively cheaply. You can sell according to the market price of wooden carts in Jakarta.

If you see if the business is profitable? The prospect of a cheap lumber business can be seen in the proliferation of food vendors in big cities. Today’s culinary business is becoming a business that many people demand. Of course, this gives you the opportunity to offer a variety of wooden cars according to your potential buyers.

We see that the price of renting land in big cities is not cheap, not to mention big cities like Jakarta. From there we can also see that the company is very likely to sell cars. Of course, people who want to start their culinary business prefer cheap wooden cars instead of having to rent the land, because it’s more friendly in their pockets. The objective of your market for cheap wooden wagons is traders with little capital.

Our wooden cart is guaranteed quality because we have sent wooden carts to different parts of Indonesia. In addition, we offer wooden cars made by experienced craftsmen, pengerajin.

Generally, food consumers in larger cities are more lazy to leave home. Take, for example, an employee who lives in a boarding house. While they are hungry, instead of having to hit the endless traffic jams in Jakarta, they choose to wait for the fried rice vendors. From the phases, you should be stuck in traffic just for the sake of a packet of fried rice. They prefer to buy fried rice through home before.

Business opportunities that, of course, can be seen by potential sellers of fried rice. Then they choose to use the car instead of having to rent the land. The fried rice vendor has certainly chosen to come to the customer instead of waiting. Therefore, fried rice sellers need cheap wooden cars for sale. This seller of fried rice is your possible buyer.

The first benefit of a traveler trader with a travel trolley is to move. The second benefit can be determined because buying a wooden car is cheaper than having to rent the land. The Prospect of Cheap Carriage Cart in Jakarta is what you need to see. The number of street traders will continue to grow because the business with the car has less capital. The prospects that you can see as your future market.

The fried rice seller is just one example, we as an experienced automotive agent capable of providing different types of cars that your potential buyers need. Say carts of meatballs, coffee cars, soto cars, satay cars and many more. Of course, with the price of the offer, it’s relatively cheaper.

Another benefit for your own potential seller car is the weather. You just need to market the car and make sure the buyer. Free time if you use it well. You can use to do another job. Then you can add money to your coffers. This job is suitable for students, office workers or factory workers who need extra money.

We, as car manufacturers, must participate to help these business people. The concrete step is to provide quality cars at affordable prices. We understand that the need for cars in big cities is very high. But unfortunately, there are not a lot of car dealers out there. Well, that’s why we ventured to sell products in several cities.

What kind of cars do we sell? There are so many models that we sell. Let’s see our products.

  1. Coffee trolley

Coffee carts are one of the most famous cars among culinary entrepreneurs. The design of this car is very simple, open, so it can be for any company. From the beginning of the business of food, fried food or cafeteria. In some cities, coffee carts are used even for exhibitions of books, libraries or batik sales.

Well, there are two types of coffee carts, for example, there is an coffee cart. This design that we usually see in the streets of Jogja or in public places like the square, is also common in the night market. This young coffee stroller grows because she uses the wheel as a means of mobility. For businessmen the design of coffee trolley is very easy because many places of storage of goods so that when selling does not need to disturb. In addition to the basket there are also cars that carry a unique and unique. This car is made without wheels and is often used to sell liquidations at some stores.

  1. Martabak’s car

Cart martabak also our production. Have you ever seen a martabak cart next to the road? Surely never? Well, we produce martabak cars with many designs according to your needs and desires. There is a good long martabak trolley martabak. But there is also a simple cart design because it is only sold in front of the store like Bangka Martabak. Especially for this simple car martabak without wheel shape. Only one showcase and storage area. But the cartabak cart model should use the wheel because it has to move.

  1. Soto cart

Soto is also a very promising company among people, whether in the city or in the region. Soto is a typical Indonesian meal with every city having its sotonya character. For example, soto banjar, soto lamongan, soto madura, soto tegal and many others. For those of you who want to do business soto, we provide soto cars with a push or pikul design. Like angkringan cars, this soto rombong has also split the two before. Later, according to the business concept, I want to know what, well, the new car made.

  1. Drink the car

This drink cart is one of our excellent products. In addition to the unique and elegant design also because of the high demand. Especially for this drinks stand, we do not just use wood as a base material. But also HPL and galvalum. Because these cars are complicated and need other materials such as agar galvalum when cooking does not burn. In general, these cars are used in urban areas such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Jogja. It can also be used for exhibitions or foodcourt.

This is an example of the car we produce. In fact, there are dozens more. But please, find a variety of other needs in the articles we write in this blog. This is a way to prevent this writing from being monotonous.

Well, for those of you who want to order a shopping cart for business needs, contact us at the number that appears above this blog. Thank you for reading this blog.

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