Wearing Compression Socks At Night


Why wear socks, compression, even in this night?

The runners are running like to wear compression stockings and immediately after workouts and national identity. However, many people are wondering in the night, the runners are able to also use a compression of the stockings. Armed with His stockings were at last you suppose would be to speed up the recovery process of the cogo. It is done? Cogo night wearing socks that effect?
Wearing Compression Socks At Night
1 s path is steep to wear socks cogo too much, or too fast, in the 1, and the training of recovering their losses in one of the workouts, when he was seized on them, the things offered to a weekly mileage. This article in the January 1, to explain that it is no more I that do it, it is not a good idea that the wearing of compression stockings and all that night.

In truth, what is the limit until you have a compression stockings and long nights, it seems.

I now wear socks at night?

In short, no. The stockings are not supplied by a compression of the massively better at night the harbor. Only that help you wear compression stockings to improve blood pump. When lying in bed and do not need to fight gravity pulse, so I do not need to wear socks, compression therapy to help blood circulation.

The stockings now need only narrowly night is negative. And it does not restrict the blood flow. In my sleep I can not say that a compression of the stockings are a great advantage to wear, just delete to your success. If your doctor may recommend that you wear bed that’s another story. Nay, it is necessary to confess that you have done to relax, for a few hours now, your legs are covered with stockings,

It is now cause it to wear socks at night. Although there are risks involved, but the benefits or not. If you want to agree, do not feel the pressure, and I saw thee, to cause the compression of the feet on the stockings. Now the plan is to use the best socks at night.HS